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If we were to choose one bike from our entire product line for the rider that wanted one moderately priced bike to handle any type of riding, the versatile Impulse P24 would be it. With a robust 4130 chromoly frame, super wide range SRAM DualDrive drivetrain and plush Schwalbe Big Apple tires, the Impulse can do it all, from loaded touring, to centuries, to easy cruising around town. Whatever your mood, whatever your ride, the Impulse 24 is always ready to go.

Dahon Impulse Electric Conversion
We have for some time now been of the opinion thatwhat the two wheel market needs Is a quality folding Electrlo Bike that can be used without a licence, Road tax or Insurance on the road. Until It was discontinued we stocked the Dahon Roo El which sold for over £1,200.00. This was a very good machine but suffered from a few niggling problems at times mainly due to connections. The Sram Sparc system employed on the bike, being an Internal 5 speed hub gear and motor combined was probably unnecessarily complicated for It's own good and at only 16V it was not quite as powerful as many other motors now available, It came complete with a small NIMh battery pack which was very light but had limited capacity. The whole bike however was probably the lightest folding electrlo bike in the world.
On researching the market, and examining what Is currently available we have turned away In mild disgust from the malorlty of folding electric bikes currently on the market, not primarily because of the electric motors or the associated electronic parts, but because they are such extremely poor bicycles with bottom of the range components. Probably a couple of the reasons for this Is the type of factories that they are sourced from, and a misguided concern to hit an unecessarily low price point.
Realizing that there must be a balance between being a marvellous showpiece of engineering and prohibitively expensive on the one hand, and on the other, deliberately pitching the price down to a level where the quality suffers seriously. We have arrived at producing what we consider to be an Ideal combination.
This has Involved us In choosing appropriate comfortable and respected Dahon models, namely the Ciao P5 which Is well suited to the type of rider that Invests In an electric bike, It benefits from a very low step-through frame (the design was bike of the year In Holland during 2006) and is suitable for both ladles and Gents to ride, and for the more serious and discerning the Dahon Impulse 24 which Is a complete delight to ride, as It employs the Sram hub/derailleur giving you a huge range of gears. We have also sourc~d some quiet running Intelligent brushless motors, battery units etc. that when fitted In our workshop are both pleasing to the eye and unobtrusive. When pedalling with the motor switched off you would not realize that you are riding an electric bike, since the front wheel hub motor spins so freely.
The total price Is £879.99 Including delivery and carrying bag on the Ciao and £979.99 on the ImpUlse Including delivery and carrying bag. This also Includes on both models,llghts, mudguards, stand, and special carrier that houses and Includes the battery pack, but stili leaves room for panniers and top bag.
Although there Is stili much debate over which Is the best type of battery to use, (this Is evident If you research the Information available on the web), with all things considered we still prefer NIMh. The reason for this In 'layrnans speak'is that the swltch·offclrcults that have to be present on l~lon and l~Pol batteries In order to protect the cells when the voltage drops below a certain level, can often catch you unawares despite low battery warning lights, and leave you totally without assistance, whereas the NIMH will continue to provide some power at a lower voltage level.

Wide gear range: 21” — 114” for efficient pedaling on any terrain

One handed shifter controls all 24 gears



4130 chromoly frame with custom-drawn Sonus tubing and Lattice forged hinge incorporates patented Re-Bar™, Embed™ bottom bracket, WrapAround chain stay and Fusion technologies.


Schwalbe Big Apple tires with Kevlar puncture protection



BioLogic™ PostPump - high capacity floor pump integrated inside the seat post



DFS folding technology for fast 15 second folding



Now compatible with standard SKS fenders

Dahon Premium component package




Specifications of Electrical parts
• Electric Motor: 24V 180W intelligent brushless motor
• Max Speed: 15MPH UK maximum permitted speed
• Max Distance per charge: Up to 25 Miles Depending on the
terrain, wind conditions, the rider's weight and amount of
pedal assistance given
• Battery: NIMH, 24V S.5Ah fused and thermlster protected,
encased In Aluminium, and locks Into the rear aluminium
rack tor security. Battery life Is around 500 recharge
• Protective value of over current 15A
• Protective value of discharged battery voltage 20V
• Intelligent 24V 1.8A and charges battery In 4- 6
Hours. Input voltage 190- 260 V AC

Specification of Impulse P24 with electric conversion
• COLOUR Bronze
• GEARINCHES21"·114"
• DISTANCE: SEAT POST TO HANDLEBAR Min: 620mm(24.S") Max: 680mm(26.S")
• DISTANCE: SADDLE TO PEDAL Min: 730mm (28.7") Max: 970mm (38.2")
• FOLDED SIZE (15" x 26" x 29.5")
• WEIGHT 23.S kg total weight comple1e with battery and all standard fittings
• FOLDING TIME 15 seconds
• SUGGESTED RIDER HEIGHT 142 em - 193 em (4'8" - 6'4")
• MAX RIDER WEIGHT 10S kg. (230 Ibs.)
• FRAME Y Series, SuperLl1e 4130chromoly, forged Lattice hinge, patented Re-BarTI'
frame design, forged drol)-outs
• FORK Integra1ed, patented Fusion technology
• HANDLEPOST Radius TelescopeTI' adjustable, paten1ed Fuslon™ technology,
forged aluminum, patented InSlde™ lock
• HANDLEBAR Ritchey, 6061- T6 aluminum, straight
• HEADSET Dahon Fusion, Zero stack, cartridge bearings
• GRIPS Bontrager Ergo grips reflective end plugs
• SADDLE BIoLoglc™ AlrFlo, Molo Groove design
• SEAT POST BloLoglc™ PostPump
• SEAT CLAMP OR Dahon Turtleneck clamp
• BRAKES Klnetlx SpeedStop V brakes, stainless flex noodle, stainless link and
anchor bolt, "SllentGrip" ceramic brake pads
• BRAKE LEVER Aluminium with adJUS1ers and switches to cut motor.
• CABLES AND HOUSING Dahon LlveWlre, SIS housing, slick cables
• FRONT HUB Brushless 24V motor180W 3Kg
• REAR WHEEL Klnetlx Comp, 28H radla~2 cross lacing, Klnetlx road hub, CNC
machined doublewall rim
• REAR HUB SRAM DualDriVe, 241'Zl spd., 28H
• SPOKES 14G, stainless, brass nipples rear 12G front
• RIM rear Klnetlx Comp, doublewall, CNC sidewalls, wear line indicator
• TYRES SChwalbe Big Apple, 20" x 2.0", KevlarGuard puncture protection, 70 psi, Reflex
• SHIFTERS SRAM DualDrlve, slngle- sided shifter, 24 speed fitted to LH side
• CASSETTE Shimano HyperGlide 8 speed, 11-32T
• CRANKSET Suglno XD, cold-forged 6061 cranks, 2014-AL chalnring
• BOTTOM BRACKET Cartridge, sealed bearings
• PEDALS Suntour folding, non-slip
• KICKSTAND Aluminum, Dacromet bolt
• CLIP SYSTEM Magnetlx TI., system
• RACK aluminum, with luggage spring also houses Aluminium bat1ery case.
• MUDGUARDS Silver Chromoplastlc
• LUGGAGE BRACKET KllckFlx frame mount on head tube fits hundreds of KlickFix
bags and baskets
• ACCESSORY Reflective Trouser clip

FREE TUNE-UP - a £30 value!
Dahon requires all of their bikes to be checked and adjusted by a trained bicycle mechanic before riding.
This activates the warranty and you can then upgrade to a lifetime warranty simply by sending the warranty card in.
Without this service, you'd have to bring your bike down to the local bike shop for a tune up before riding and you'd get charged up to £30.
We offer this service for free, so when you get your bike from us, all you have to do is unfold it and you can start riding.

*Note: These are Dahons standard model specifications. We do our best to ensure that the specifications listed here accurately reflect the exact parts found on our delivered bikes. However, component changes do occur for various reasons and there may be brief delays on site updates. Dahon reserve the right to make component changes without prior notification, which may cause discrepancies with the information listed on the web.


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